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I created My Weekly Stock with the ambition to help people succeed in the markets with impactful analysis, trading ideas and investing tips.

My investing philosophy is built on Momentum. At his core, my approach is pragmatic, multi-dimensional and quantitative: I combine technical, fundamental and sentiment data to derive actionable insights. I am convinced there is tremendous value behind my approach and I am excited to share it with all of you.

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My Weekly Stock is not your typical trading signal service and provides way more than just stock recommendations. Here is what you get when subscribe and my commitment to you:

  1. Actionable insights accessible to investor of all levels.

  2. Visibility to my investing framework and approach.

  3. In-depth technical analysis, powered by my proprietary research.

  4. Transparency & ownership about my performance

I purposedly over-structure my articles to you can easily find the information you are looking for and ensure my analysis is approachable to anyone, not just professionals.

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1) Weekly Market Recap (Free):
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My comprehensive and in-depth summary of the past week's market action and what to expect next.

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My winning stock-picking strategy, featuring picks from my proprietary algorithm that has delivered over 300% returns since 2019.

3) My Swing Trade Portfolio (Paid):
Every Monday before the market opens

My exclusive coverage of 20+ US large-cap stocks (+BTC / ETH), featuring live trading, technical analysis, all powered by my momentum analysis.

4) My Long-Term Investing Portfolio (Paid):
Every 1st Thursday of the month

My strategic approach to long-term investing, showcasing a curated selection of stocks and ETFs together with live portfolio tracking.

As you can see, I offer a comprehensive range of service, catering different investing style and timeframes. Ultimately, I am here to provide you with quality insights to make you a better investor. And while I like to think myself as your compass to help you navigate the market, remember that ultimately the journey is yours take!

Well, if you have made it till here, why not subscribing and give it a try!

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About me

I have 15 years of experience as finance manager across the consumer good industry and strategy consulting. I have a double master in Accounting and Banking & Finance and have always been passionate by finance and economics. I have started this newsletter as a passion project and it has made me a better investor, as I continuously have to improve my skills and adapt my approach.

If you have any question or doubt, feel free to reach out by email contact@myweeklystock.com

Until then, happy investing!

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I am here to help you succeed in the stock market! Join thousands of investors who receive my momentum market analysis and stock picks every week.


I am here to help you succeed in the stock market! Join thousands of investors who receive my momentum-based market analysis and stock picks every week.